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World of Scouting Museum
Valley Forge, PA
The Girl Scout Leader, 1927
Girl Scouts, Inc.
New York, NY
Gift of Paul W. Ware
In April 1922, the Girl Scouts began publishing a supplement to their popular issue The American Girl. Known as the Field Guide, this monthly bulletin was created to communicate news to Girl Scout leaders. In December 1923, the title was changed to Girl Scout Leader. (See example below)

The cover of the December 1927 issue, seen here, was illustrated by Jessie Gillespie, in her famous silhouette style.
Lone Scout, 1918
W. D. Boyce Company
Chicago, IL
Gift of Richard M. Wagner In Memory of Delbert R. Wagner

William D. Boyce, an American entrepreneur and newspaper man, helped to found the Boy Scouts of America in 1910. Concerned that isolated rural boys were unable to participate in the Scouting program, Boyce started the Lone Scouts of America in 1915. Working independently of a troop, each LSA member received instruction through Lone Scout magazine. Published by Boyce, the weekly periodical was described as being "by boys, for boys." Lone Scouts were encouraged to contribute stories, photos, illustrations, and jokes. Each issue contained an installment of a serial fiction story as well as educational articles on craft projects, nature and sports. Advertisements contained within its pages were geared toward the interests of young boys.
Girl Scout Leader, 1983
Girl Scouts of the USA
New York, NY
Gift of Diane Florini In Memory of Gertrude R. Florini
After it's 1923 name change, Girl Scout Leader continued to offer informative articles on Girl Scouting to the movement's leaders. By the time of this 1983 issue, global understanding and diversity were emphasized. Here, the President's message was offered in Spanish, recognizing the growing number of Hispanic girls and leaders within the GSUSA.

This publication continues today as Leader magazine.
Scouting, 1969
Boy Scouts of America
New Brunswick, NJ
Gift of William Waxbom
In 1913, after receiving nearly 3,000 letters at their New York headquarters, the BSA began publishing Scouting magazine to address questions about the program. Originally printed as an 8-page, twice-monthly edition, it evolved into a magazine format. Editions contained information on uniforms, gear, service projects and the advancement program. You can view back issue of Scouting at scoutingmagazine.org/Archives.
Boys' Life, 1991
Boy Scouts of America
Gift of Dorothy Lammer
The first edition of Boys' Life was published on January 1, 1911, by George S. Barton, of Somerville, MA. Though 5,000 copies were printed, few of these reached the public. As a result, the March 1, 1911 copy is more often referred to as the "first edition." The next year, the Boy Scouts of America purchased the magazine and it became their official publication.

Over the years, many notable artists have illustrated the magazine's covers including Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari. The July 1991 edition seen here was illustrated by Ignacio Gomez.

​Today, Boys' Life continues to offer quality articles on outdoor activities, Scouting information, fictional stories, and comics.