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new aquisitions
World of Scouting Museum
Valley Forge, PA
Our collection continues to grow through individual and corporate support. Below are some items recently added to the collection of the World of Scouting Museum.
Token, 1910
Schwaab Stamp & Seal Company
Milwaukee, WI
Gift of Kathryn Reichert in memory of Glenn L. Reichert
Retailers have long understood the financial benefits of using Boy Scouts in their advertising. The Excelsior Shoe Company of Portsmouth, OH, was one of the earliest to capitalize on this image when they introduced tokens promoting their "Boy Scout" shoe.  

Each pair of shoes came with a token attached to the laces. Made of bronze or brass and occassionaly zinc, these medals were struck by Schwaab Stamp & Seal Company, Milwaukee, WI and Whitehead & Hoag Company, Newark, NJ. The premiums featured a "Scout" on horseback and the tag line "The Original Boy Scouts Shoe For Boys." From July 1910 to January 1914, five versions of the rider on horseback tokens were produced.
Patch, 1959
Gift of Edward delos Santos
The 10th World Jamboree was held July 17-26, 1959, at Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. Nicknamed "The Bamboo Jamboree" because of the prevalence of bamboo and nipa palm trees, it was the first World Jamboree to be held outside of Europe or Canada. A total 12,203 Scouts from 44 countries attended the event whose theme was "Building Tomorrow Today".
Patrol Flag, c.1965
Boy Scouts of America
New Brunswick, NJ
Gift of Robert A. Ginther
The foundation of a Boy Scout Troop is its patrols. The relationship is described in the 1936  Handbook For Scoutmasters as "The Patrols are the working units in Scouting, while the Troop organization 
provides supervision and coordination, and establishes loyalty and opportunities for service. In other words, a Troop is not divided into Patrols. A Troop is the sum total of its Patrols."
Together, patrol members decide on which totem will represent them. This figure will identify and unite them. They will wear their patrol's medallion on the right sleeve of their uniforms and carry their patrol flag with pride. Members will learn the characteristics of their animal or bird and practice its call.
The Boy Scout Handbook, 2009
Boy Scouts of America
Irving, TX
Gift of Timothy Lehmier in memory of Thomas F. Lehmier
For over one hundred years, the Boy Scout Handbook has been the "go to" reference book for all things related to Scouting. Since the original 1910 edition written by Ernest Thompson Seton, to this the Twelfth edition, 39,470,000 copies have been published.  
The 2009 Handbook is the first "green" edition, printed on 100% recycled paper utilizing an environmentally friendly process. Printed to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, it is heavily illustrated throughout with images from a century of past editions. To learn more about the history of the Boy Scout Handbook, go to www.bsahandbook.org. Here you can flip through its pages, explore a timeline of the book's history and view behind-the-scenes videos detailing the making of the latest edition.
Boy Scouts of America O-Gauge Train Set, 2012
Additional Cars, 2008-2013
Lionel, LLC
Chesterfield, MI
Gift of Paul W. Ware
When Joshua Lionel Cowen (1877-1965) founded the Lionel Manufacturing Company in New York City in 1900, his new business making electric fans got off to a slow start. After seeing a toy push train in a store window, he was inspired to create an electrically powered wooden train. His new creation was propelled by a battery powered fan motor and ran on a circular track. The new Electric Express was a hit and orders began pouring in. As his business focus changed, new metal trollies and trains were produced. By 1915, O gauge was introduced and soon became the most popular scale of train.
In the 1920's, Cowen convinced large department stores to install complex train setups around their Christmas tree displays. This example of marketing brilliance increased sales of trains as Christmas gifts for young boys. The company continued to be innovative and by the 1950's Lionel began producing realistic train models that included locomotives that produced actual smoke.

Though the Lionel Corporation had become the largest toy manufacturer in the world by 1953, this title was short lived. Interest in trains began to wane as slot cars replaced them in popularity. In 1967, Lionel filed for bankruptcy and in 1969 sold their die tooling and brand name to General Mills. The brand exists today as Lionel, LLC, and continues to manufacturer trains sets, such as this BSA edition, under the Lionel trademark.
Campfire Robe, completed 2005
Richard E. Eisensmith
York, PA
Gift of Phyllis J. Eisensmith and Family
in memory of Richard E. Eisensmith
In 1943, fourteen-year-old Richard E. Eisensmith (1928-2009) was invited to attend a winter camping trip with some local scouts in York, PA. By the end of the weekend, he couldn't wait to get home and have his parents sign the form so he could join the Boy Scouts of America. That signature began a long and storied relationship with Troop #37. After participating as a Boy Scout, Explorer Scout and Sea Scout, Dick went on to serve as Assistant Scoutmaster and later Scoutmaster of the troop for many decades. Numerous decorations followed, including Eagle Scout, Scouters Award, Wood Badge Training, George Meany Award, God & Service U.C.C. Religious Award, and the Silver Beaver Award (the highest honor bestowed upon a Scouting volunteer). Eisensmith was also the first Christian to be awarded the Jewish Shofar Award for encouraging Jewish youth to work toward their religious award in Scouting.

In a 2007 interview, Dick reflected on his many years of service. "Young men and women have a lot of choices to make in their lives. If I were able to help just one youngster make a choice to live his life in a worthwhile manner, I will have been successful." The many members of Troop #37 who crossed paths with him would acknowledge that he did just that. 

This campfire robe was made by Eisensmith to document his sixty-six years with the Boy Scouts of America. A local seamstress made the robe for him from either a wool blanket or sleeping bag liner. Over the years, he personally sewed on each of his Scouting mementoes. The patches document his participation in Troop #37 camp activities and events, Order of the Arrow, National Jamborees, national conservation, and Scouting ranks.

2014.1 Token
Schwab Stamp & Seal Co.
Milwaukee, WI
2014.1 Token
Schwab Stamp & Seal Co.
Milwaukee, WI
2014.2.5 10th World Jamboree Patch
Mount Makiling, Philippines
2014.2.7 10th World Jamboree Patch
Mount Makiling, Philippines
2014.2.8 10th World Jamboree Patch
Mount Makiling, Philippines
2014.2.10 10th World Jamboree Patch
Mount Makiling, Philippines
2014.2.12 10th World Jamboree Patch
Mount Makiling, Philippines
2014.5.1A-AA Lionel BSA O-Gauge Train Set, 2012
2014.5.1A-B Lionel BSA Locomotive and Tender, 2012
2014.5.1C-E Lionel BSA Boxcar, Bulkhead Flatcar and Derrick Car, 2012
2014.5.1F Lionel BSA Caboose, 2012
2014.5.1A-AA Lionel BSA O-Gauge Train Set, 2012
2014.5.2A Lionel BSA Eagle Scout Boxcar, 2011
2014.5.3A Lionel BSA Prepared For Life Boxcar, 2011
2014.5.4A Lionel BSA Christmas Gondola, 2013
2014.5.5AM Lionel BSA Pinewood Derby Flatcar With Kit, 2008
2014.5.6AC Lionel BSA Flatcar With Trailer, 2011
2014.9.1 Campfire Robe
Richard E. Eisensmith, York, PA
2014.9.1 Campfire Robe (back)
Richard E. Eisensmith, York, PA
Richard E. Eisensmith Wearing His Campfire Robe
2014.3.2 Panther Patrol Flag
BSA, New Brunswick, NJ
2014.3.3 Flying Eagle Patrol Flag
BSA, New Brunswick, NJ
2014.3.4 Hawk Patrol Flag
BSA, New Brunswick, NJ
2014.3.5 Wolf Patrol Flag
BSA, New Brunswick, NJ
2014.3.6 Cobra Patrol Flag
BSA, New Brunswick, NJ